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On this day the Red Army and Yugoslav Partisans liberated Belgrade.

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Song: You fell victims
Album: USSR
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You fell victims in a fatal battle
of selfless love for the people.
You gave away all that you could for it,
for its life, honour, and freedom.

At times you languished in harsh prisons;
their merciless judgement over you
the enemy-executioners already pronounced long ago,
and you went, rattling your shackles.

And the despot feasts in his luxurious palace,
watering discontent with wine,
but menacing letters long ago upon the stones
by the hand of fate have already been drawn.

Arbitrariness will fall, and the people will rise,
great, mighty, and free.
Farewell to you, then, brothers; you passed with honour
along your valorous noble path.

You fell victims in a fatal battle
of selfless love for the people.
You gave away all that you could for it,
for its life, honour, and freedom.

A funeral march originated in Russia in 1878, later sung for the fallen of various uprisings and in the October Revolution. It continued to be sung in the Soviet Union less frequently, making some appearances during World War II. Subsequently, it was incorporated into Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 11, Op. 103, Mov. III.

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Hello I have a thought/question.  It doesn’t fit into an ask box.

I know that in America we are taught in school that socialism and communism are bad.  I know that we are not taught anything true about communism and socialism.  I know that we are taught that communism is equivalent to tyranny.  Etc.  I make the assumption that in other capitalist nations, there are similar lessons.  Which would mean that the people of the world view socialism and communism with a predetermined dislike or hate. Which means that while fighting for socialism, you also have to fight prejudice.
My question is:  Wouldn’t it be more fruitful to approach the people of the world with a differently named system? This way, the people of the world could view the system without prejudice.

I really don’t think so. Socialist and communist movements have always been slandered, from their inception, along exactly the same lines. And in periods of low ebb for the class struggle, that can lead ordinary people to be caught up in this ideological offensive. But in reality, the radical movements have always returned.

Why lie about who or what we are? We shouldn’t obscure our aims or objective.

We do need to combat some ideas people have about socialism, but that can only be done by patiently engagin with people and leading by example in the political work we do, not by running from our past and our identity.

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Don’t forget imperialism


As communists we must take a global view of class relationships. It’s no good looking at white workers in the centers of imperialism, and going “oh, they are workers, so therefore they are the proletariat”. It doesn’t work that way. What’s their relationship to other workers? What’s their relationship to the global economy? You can’t just take a narrow look at the national “economy”, you can’t separate that from the global economy under imperialism.

The advance of bourgeois economic statistics is giving us a chance to conduct ever more detailed analysis, but since many of these advances weren’t available in Marx’s day, they are rarely found in modern Marxist political economy.

Perhaps the most obvious one is the world GDP (PPP) per capita statistic, at around $14,000 per person. We can take this, and logically deduce that anyone consuming more than $14,000 per year is objectively the deprivation of someone else. There’s only so much wealth in the world, and if there’s someone over the average, there has to be someone under the average.

So where does this leave us, knowing how much global wealth there is? What can we learn from this statistic, and the knowledge that the white workforce in the centers of imperialism generally consumes double, triple, or quadruple (once you take into account wages, government benefits, and so on) the per-capita average? What does this mean about their relationship to the global majority — the Third World workforce?

What about the other statistics available? What about the huge disparities in disposable income? What function do the First World workers play in the global economy when they are the main body of people gluttoning the truly gargantuan and unending supply of commodities that the world produces?

"Halt! Don’t go there! This is too economistic", you say. Well, ignoring the economic side then, my point can still be made. Isn’t one of the most important features of the proletariat is that they are a revolutionary class? Looking back at the past 100 years of white worker history, what do we see? Do we see revolutionaries? Do we see a class that can be organized and brought into the global struggle against capitalism-imperialism? Do we see allies of the global majority? Do we see foes? Does the First World white workforce owe the world something, or does the world owe them something?

Appeals to “false consciousness” aren’t going to get you very far in explaining the question of the white workforce’s political orientation away. It’s rank idealism. If we’re starting from the premise that the economic base is generally determinant, we can’t go from that and say that it’s the superstructure that’s been to blame for the past 100 years of utter failure in the centers of imperialism. A much better explanation can be found in the base, as historical materialism suggests. The unparalleled eagerness to turn rightwards, towards imperialism, rather than leftwards, against imperialism, of the white workforce tells us something about their relationship to capitalism. It tells us something about their class interests and how we, as revolutionaries focused on changing the world, should approach them.

This is short and simple (and perhaps a little rough — it’s 5am), the questions are large, and I’m posing a lot of them, but I implore you to think, to question too. Stop the book worship. The nightmare of the past weighs heavy on the understanding of the present. Global circumstances have changed, and the First World white workforce at large cannot be considered an ally of the oppressed and exploited.

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Check out this amazing series of Communist propaganda posters by levizna!

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Light blogging for a while

Just a heads up that I simply have next to no time for even so much as reblogging Tumblr memes. I’ll continue to post as time and circumstances permit. In the meantime, let’s do what each of us can to fight the good fight. Onward.

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The Russian Far Right
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The rules are so disproportionate, they could be a violation of Title IX, the federal law that ensures non-discrimination in educational environments. Alexandra Brodsky, co-founder of Know Your IX, told me, “If women are missing out on opportunities to learn [by being pulled out of class], that looks like a violation to me.”
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